Wounded Warriors

Thank you for your service.

You have valuable military experience. We would be honored to be part of your network and connect you to our partner employers.

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" I had recently graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Sciences with a concentration in Network Administration from the University of Arizona. I had applied for positions on my own, but wasn't hearing back from the places I had applied to. When I connected with Linkages it opened a whole network of business connections. In about a month I landed a position in my field of study and I am enjoying the work I am able to do with the education I earned. "

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Soldiers at War

Why do Wounded Warriors get their own page?

Great question! You're special to employers. Certain employers are looking to connect with you because there are regulations/compliance around making strong efforts to recruit veterans and individuals with disabilities. And, guess what? You fit both categories.

Don't get us wrong, the reason all people get hired is because of what they can do - their abilities! However, if all things are equal in qualifications and experience your veteran status and disability could actually help land you the job!

Linkages' job is to be the 'link' between job seekers and employers. We do this through job seekers creating a profile with us and applying to employer openings.

Frequently asked

Does your percentage of disability matter? Absolutely not.
Does the injury/disability have to be service connected? No.
Does type of injury/disability matter? No. Linkages advocates on behalf of any disability.
Does education level matter? No. Employers want to recruit veterans and really appreciate their military experience.
Not sure where to start. Contact us! We know of resources that can help with resumes, interview skills, and job fairs. Reach us at 520-571-8600 or info@linkagesarizona.org.
Need a resource that you don’t see here? Visit the Arizona Coalition for Military Families website for additional resources.

Thank You for Your Service to Our Great Country. We Look Forward to Linking you to our Partner Employers!

Linkages’ site is available to all service members and veterans.

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