Phil’s Story

Phil with his KGUN crew on the set of the studio.

Weighing the Benefits

Phil has battled with Schizophrenia for much of his life. He has dealt with the challenges of weighing benefits vs side effects of many different medications trying to keep his condition manageable. When Phil hit rock bottom he was homeless, broke and in a very bad place. luckily the good people at Our Place Clubhouse took Phil in and helped get him on the wonderful track he is on today.
After going through the program at Our Place Clubhouse, they helped Phil to get gainful employment at Scripps/KGUN9 as a prompter operator. Phil says the job has changed his life in so many good ways. everything from his personal hygiene to his interaction with people has improved. “This job means so much to Phil and he takes so much pride in his role. I appreciate how our team has embraced him as one of our own. not many people get up and have the level of gratitude and appreciation that Phil has and so many could learn so much from him and his work ethic. We ARE very fortunate to have him on our team”. News anchor Stella Inger said, “I can tell Phil really takes his job seriously and it’s a breath of fresh air”.

We congratulate Phil on a job well done and wish him all the best in a future that is so bright for him!