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  • Headshot of Marji Morris.
    ”I use Linkages to connect with candidates who have disabilities including wounded warriors. Their knowledge in recruiting these often overlooked talent pools is invaluable to recruiters. There is nothing to lose when you partner with Linkages and yet everything to gain.”

    Marji Morris

    Tucson Electrical Power Company

  • John Torre
    ”Linkages is a crucial community partner because they provide resources and training for agencies, employers, and job seekers. There is such value in working with Linkages because they are the glue that makes all of these partnerships successful.”

    John Torre

    Director of Human Resources for Scripps Media Tucson

  • Head shot of Vanessa Zuber, Director for WorkAbility
    ”What has been most beneficial for WorkAbility members are the networking and links to potential employers. We appreciated the energy and time that Linkages puts into educating and supporting its community of job developers - we love Linkages!”

    Vanessa Zuber

    UCPSA Director of Employment Services and WorkAbility Program

  • Head shot of Chris Bryant
    "I had recently graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Sciences with concentration in Networks Administration from the University of Arizona. I had applied for positions on my own, but wasn't hearing back from the places I had applied to. When I connected with Linkages, it opened a whole new network of business connections. In about a month I landed a position in my field of study and I am enjoying the work I am able to do with the education I earned.

    Chris Bryant

    Former Job Seeker

  • Head shot of Ellen Rauch
    "Linkages lives up to its name, matching employment specialists with employers so that we can match our job seekers with disabilities with the right job. Linkages keeps the big employment picture in view so that employment specialists in the community feel supported and connected."

    Ellen Raunch

    Employment Specialist

  • Head shot of Jaybee Nickelson
    "Linkages offers tremendous opportunity for both their Clients and partnering Employers! Bridging the gap to provide employment to those in need is true art and Linkages understands what it takes to make that happen. I am truly proud to partner with an organization that is so highly invested when it comes to the success and empowerment of such a gifted group of individuals."

    Jaybee Nickelson

    Marketing Specialist and Talent Acquisition for Comcast

  • Donna Gallagher
    "The applicants we have met through Linkages have been diligent about the interview process and ready to work. Hiring diversely is important to us, and as I always say, “the magic is in the match,” and Linkages is part of the magic.”

    Donna Gallagher

    Executive Director for Southern Arizona Family Services

  • Head shot of Susan Hurt smiling. She is wearing a blue floral top with a turquoise necklace and there is a tree in the background.
    "At the Linkages Employment Specialist meetings I was able to connect with the featured employer and find positions for one or more of my clients; connections which remain intact and continue to grow to the benefit of my clients to this day. "

    Susan Hurt

    Former Employment Specialist with Beacon Group

  • Orange Circle with a green palm tree in front of it and the it reads Landtamers Landscaping Creating Outstanding Tucson Landscapes for over three decades.
    “It’s been hard to find reliable employees. When I decided to partner with Linkages I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I ended up with fantastic employees and I will be using them for future hiring.”

    Chris Potter, Owner

    Landtamers Landscaping, LLC

  • Brown tree with Alliance under it and the work Lumber, Truss, EWP, and Hardware below Alliance.
    “Linkages has shared our job openings with their job seekers and we have hired over 20 people from the agency partners. They are driving job seekers our way and all for free! There is no downside to using Linkages!”

    Michael Patsy, Manager

    Alliance Truss