Moses’ Story

Moses sweeping floor near Lincoln car at showroom of Jim Click Automotive

Feeling Valued

Ten years ago Moses was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. When he received this news he felt “like it was the end of the world and my only choice was to roam the streets homeless.” Moses did become homeless, but luckily his story does not end there.

For the first 7 years after Moses was diagnosed it was “misery every day,” he said, “there was terror reigning inside my family,” that was greatly do to “not understanding bipolar, a language barrier with my mother’s first language being Korean, and not having the right resources to connect to.” This lead to Moses being hospitalized over 20 times in two years (two of those times were a result of court appointed institutionalization). After 7 years all family resources were exhausted and Moses was homeless.

A big break for Moses was becoming a member of Our Place Clubhouse (OPC). OPC is a non-clinical psych-social rehabilitation center for adults recovering from serious mental illness by gaining self-worth, purpose, and confidence by working with staff to maintain The Clubhouse, engaging in meaningful Clubhouse work experiences, and developing supportive relationships. While at OPC Moses learned of a Clubhouse Transitional Employment Program that includes Employer Community Partners in Tucson. Jim Click Automotive was first introduced to OPC through Linkages, and is now one of the participating Community Partners. With anticipated enthusiasm Moses trained to transition back to the workplace through OPC’s program and was selected for the position of Porter at Jim Click Automotive.

Following his enrollment with OPC Moses was able to work with horses in exchange for a place to stay. Moses was no longer homeless. Working with horses and with his hands is good for him and it “gave me a schedule, a purpose, and a community that I was not just receiving from, but contributing to as well.”

Brad Lancaster, Recruiting Manager in Human Resources at Jim Click Automotive is completely happy with Moses and reports, “When Moses started in our transition program he was easing his way into the workforce with 12 hours a week and within 2 weeks he had done so well we increased him to 20 hours a week. I have seen his confidence grow and he now has his own apartment, is planning to go back to school, and wants to increase his hours to 40 hours a week. From the time Moses started to now he has become a strong member of the Jim Click Family and he has gained my utmost respect. I wish every hire was as punctual, helpful, and as positive as Moses.”

Moses loves working for Jim Click Automotive and reports that, “everyone is friendly and accepting.” He feels much more secure about his future. Moses shared, “I feel really good when I feel like I am doing awesome deeds. I feel valued. I have a purpose and goal. I want to go back to finish my Bachelor’s degree and become a manager.”