Leticia’s Story

Leticia Stevenson

Taking the Steps Needed

I met Leticia Stevenson about 3 years ago as she was attending “My Steps to Employment” class I hold every Wednesday at the La Frontera Main Clinic. She had lost her 2 children to DCS (department of Child Services) for her drug problem which she was struggling big time and she was homeless. Leticia really had nowhere to go or to turn too and she had no money at all. As she started attending “My Steps to Employment” group I assisted her with building a new resume as she as she would go out every day and search for employment, she kept at it day in and day out. I can remember the day when she was just about to give up with no hope at all of ever finding a job. I talked to her and that’s when she started crying and informed me that she had a hearing scheduled with the courts and DCS to have her rights severed from her children, needless to say Leticia was devastated. She explained she was going to do whatever she needed to do so she would not lose her parental rights to her children. so, she looked harder every single day for work and then then it happened, one day she was called in for an interview with McDonald’s for a crew member position. She was hired and from this point things started to roll for her little by little in a positive direction. At one moment in her life she was homeless and minutes away from losing her children for good and then she started believing in herself, started saving money, proving she would be good for her children and that she was able to find an apartment. Eventually she started to get to where she had visitation with her children through DCS and then unsupervised time to where she was able to have the children spend the weekend with her. Afterwards DCS cancelled the trial meeting and soon Leticia will be granted permanent reunification for good with her two young children. Within a month she will be able to have her children home with her forever and be a family again.

It has been a long winding road for her but now she has been able to keep down work and overcome all odds. I have always told her that she can do it, not to give up, and that I believed in her 1,000%. I have continually told her that one day, even though it seemed like an eternity that she may never get her kids, that she will because I have a gut feeling her life was about to turn around for the better. Leticia believed and saw that I truly cared. I told her, “let’s just chip away one step at a time even if its baby steps, and if she does that she will be successful and get through her ordeal”.

By God and her will power she displayed, which was incredible because she did it all on her own, she proved to DCS she can get a job, save money, go from being homeless to getting a nice apartment for her and her children. Leticia could’ve given up in life, lose her children completely, stayed homeless but instead she showed DCS that she was willing to fight for her children because she loves them and she was their mom. God answered her prayers, she was as low in life as you could go and she fought her way back to the top and never once gave up. I am so happy for her and what she has truly accomplished in life. Leticia is living proof that you can turn your life around for the better and by God she has done so!

Eddie Crandall

La Frontera Arizona

Adult Intake Team/Employment Specialist