Chris Bryant’s Story

Head shot of Chris Bryant

Chris Bryant

Veteran. Father. Athlete. Employed.

In February of 2003 Christopher Bryant joined the United States Army as a Radio Satellite Technician. He served for 5 years and ended his service as a Sergeant. His time in the military had him travel all over the world to places like South Korea, Japan, Guam, Canada, Ireland, Kuwait, and Iraq. His last deployment was to Iraq and he was here for 18 months.

Chris came home from his last deployment October 2006. About two months later on December 26, 2006 Chris was with his at the time 3 year old daughter and girlfriend driving in Nashville, Tennessee. All too quickly, they ended up in a car accident. Chris was in the front passenger seat and took most of the impact. Luckily, his daughter and girlfriend were for the most part okay. Chris on the other hand had to be rushed to the hospital where he was in a coma for 44 days.

When Chris woke up he realized he lost a limb, his right leg. He said, “I was depressed for about 15 minutes. Then I thought, now what?” Chris chose to focus on the future, and his responsibility to support his family.

His positive attitude does not mean there were not plenty of physical and mental challenges. Over the next year and one month Chris would have 15 surgical procedures and extensive rehab. On January 28, 2008 he left the hospital with understanding how hard it is to lose a limb, but knowing how strong he truly is.

Chris became involved in wheelchair basketball in Augusta, Georgia. The team he was playing for, The Augusta Bulldogs traveled to the NWBA national tournament, where he met the University of Arizona Head Coach, Derek Brown. Coach Brown noticed talent in Chris and offered him a scholarship. Chris took that scholarship and in May of 2014 he graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in Network Administration.

Upon graduation Chris was looking for work in his field of study. After about 4 months of searching for employment with no luck he came into connection with Linkages. Chris was ready for work! He had training, a great resume, and felt confident he had skills and abilities to share with an employer. All he needed were the right connections. That’s where Linkages came in and shared his resume with Adam D. Technology. They were impressed with Chris and wish they could hire more employees just like him – positive, reliable, and hard-working. Chris is happy to be working in his field of study and said, “Working for Adam D. Technology has been an awesome experience. I love the daily challenges and great staff. I couldn’t ask for a better position at this time, because I’m learning a lot – something new every day.